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Armidale by Air (Pilot and plane - thanks to Tony Gall)                                                Maps of Armidale


How to get to Armidale 

Armidale Air Travel 

Armidale Rail Services

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Stationary - ready to begin the journey

In the air                         

Cued to leave

Taking off

In the cockpit  

Armidale Airport


Armidale Airport
View of Armidale CBD, South and North Armidale View of Armidale West to East Armidale

Armidale Race Course looking East View of Armidale East to West

View South Armidale looking north

South Armidale, Water Tanks and The Avenue

Armidale Countryside

Highway from Armidale to Uralla

Armidale to the West

UNE (University of New England)

Sport UNE and Colleges


Uralla Road

View north to south

Armidale Airport Runway



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