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Education & Training in Armidale

About Education in Armidale

From some perspectives Armidale has the best access to education anywhere in Australia.  This includes not only the schools, TAFE and University but access to such things as music, drama, martial arts and a wide range of sports is within a few minutes drive.  So you have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities in the one day.


The University of New England

The University of New England at Armidale provides the total tertiary education package. UNE is composed of 10 Schools: School of Arts, Schoolf o Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Environmnental and Rural Science, School of Health, School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Rural Medicine, School fo Science and Technology and the UNE Business School. The UNE Business School also includes the Graduate School of Businbess. Students can specialise in numerous fields including accounting, business, law, languages, music, Asian studies, agriculture, resource economics and information technology.

Being the oldest regional university in Australia, UNE has a tradition of excellence and fully residential colleges provide a life style conducive both to academic and social success.  UNE Colleges provide rich opportunities for leadership and the development of community contribution.  The Earle Page College Coast Run is just example of this.  Accommodation can also be found in the University flats and in rented premises in town.


There are also significant opportunities to develop skills outside the academic area. In 2013 the UNE Enactus team represented Australia at the world championships in Mexico.  UNE's own radio station (TUNEFM 106.9) is one of Australia's longest running FM stations.


UNE campus offers a wide variety of services including the Union and the Sport UNE, libraries, student careers advisory services, part time employment for students, a students financial assistance scheme, academic skills centre, counselling services, student access and equity unit, medical services, computing facilities, the Oorala Aboriginal centre, the services of a chaplain and an international office. UNE caters for internal, external and mature age admissions and offers a large number of post graduate scholarships and degrees.





TAFE - Film and Video School


Secondary Education

Armidale has two comprehensive high schools, Armidale and Duval Highs , O'Connor Catholic High and three independent fee-paying boarding schools. Each of these six schools has particular areas of excellence. The academic staff at all are of the highest calibre.


Private Schools

The three independent schools in Armidale, each over 100 years old, cater for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. New England Girl's School (NEGS), the largest girls' boarding school in the southern hemisphere, is renown for its riding school.  Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) Armidale has linked with PLC Croydon in Sydney to offer more to their students and The Armidale School (TAS) offers magnificent buildings and sporting facilities in addition to academic excellence. Each of these schools occupies spacious grounds close to the city centre and is exceptionally well equipped for extra-curricular activities.



Primary Education

Besides the three independent schools, there are numerous state schools providing education from Kindergarten to Year 6, a Catholic Primary school and a Steiner school. All main stream primary schools follow the same basic curriculum set by the NSW Board of Studies although private schools place a greater emphasis on the observance of religion.


Preschool Education

Preschool education for children aged 3 to 5 is offered by not for profit community based organisations to provide early childhood education.



Extra-Curricular Activities for the Young

Besides the vast range of extra-curricular activities provided by all the schools, Armidale boasts a host of activities for tots to teenagers. There is the Police and Community Youth Club, the YMCA, Scouts and Girl Guides, as well as church youth groups. There are numerous schools of ballet, drama, speech, aerobics, gymnastics and sporting clubs. Armidale also boasts the Armidale Youth Orchestra, the Armidale City Band and smaller ensembles in which budding musicians are encouraged to perform.  The New England Conservatorium of Music offers exciting opportunities for high level skill development.

During vacations the National Parks & Wildlife Service arranges holiday programmes. Residential sporting camps hosted by the university provide professional coaching for promising sportsmen and women and for those interested in riding the Armidale Horse and Pony Club stages both an annual camp and regular events throughout the year.

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