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Shopping and Walking around the City of Armidale


Armidale is noted for the quality and variety of its retail outlets and for its convenience of parking. The Central Business District, located around the compact twin malls, has a range of boutiques with fine quality clothing in different styles, jewellery, silver, leather goods, antiques, arts and crafts and other collectables. The large shopping chains and a host of smaller stores provide exotic and essential items and during a busy shopping spree the outdoor coffee shops offer a continental atmosphere in which to relax. Fine restaurants provide both style and class, catering for those who prefer more sophistication.



The city offers a rich heritage for those who are willing to walk. The cathedrals, churches and other buildings are set among handsome parks and gardens. Victorian architecture is a feature of many of the prominent structures, 35 of which are classified by the National Trust, giving this rural city an unique blend of beauty of various kinds.





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